4Inches/10CM Europe Groom Wedding Height Increasing Elevator Brogue Shoes

Is it comfortable for men to wear High-Heeled Shoes? Unlike women, men choose shoes, comfort, and beauty is second. For a boy who is not very tall, the embarrassing thing is that he is still shorter than the girl. The heightening shoes can help a lot at this time, not only instantly become higher, the image adds points, but also retains the face and adds Confident.

Height Increasing Shoes with men internal high-rise casual shoes, the upper selection of natural top layer cowhide, flexible, good moisture permeability; breathable pigskin lining, so that men are comfortable to wear. The design of the shoes is not trimmed, simple and generous, and it caters to the requirements of young men for summer wear.

Elevator Shoes

Men Inner Sneakers 4Inches/10CM Europe Groom Wedding Height Increasing Elevator Brogue Shoes,simple set of foot shoes, a simple sketch, one-color fashion, in line with the trend and more careful and intimate experience.

Although the height is almost the same as that of Elevator Shoes, the design of the heel is still very different. For example, women high-heeled shoes are mostly slender heels, while men”high-heeled shoes” are thick and wide, mostly in the shape of a square, which does not affect the “masculinity” that male consumers care about.

Elevator Shoes

The beauty of the heart is there for everyone. If the male consumer is dissatisfied with his height in the past, he can only secretly increase the inside. Now, with the trend of the trend, some bold and fashionable male consumers begin. Dare to try to increase the shoes, which is in fact the same as “male skin care”, “male makeup” and other issues, is a manifestation of social equality and open concept.

The designer starts with a comfortable theme, innovative with no straps and a set of feet, a circle of white edging outlines the unique temperament of the shoes, full of streamlined feeling, and free movement of the sleeves in an unfettered manner. .

Elevator Shoes

Men inner heightening sandals This men high-rise casual shoes is eye-catching and elegant. The simple British style makes men wear a sagacious temperament. The unique punching process of the upper, coupled with the lining of the breathable pigskin, is full of coolness. Elegant fan and cool shoes, who can resist?

High-Rise Casual Shoes This men high-heeled shoes use a full palm foot pad to increase the height, fit the foot bones, and wear comfortable. Rich in layers of woven texture, feel the urban charm of shoes, classic black makes men more mature and stable, both business and leisure.

Elevator Shoes

For a caring man, a pair of black British leather shoes is essential. High-quality leather upper, shimmering and sleek luster in cool black texture, hand-crafted lines with the unique qualities of a gentleman. The overall curve of the flowing water outlines the beautiful body of the shoe, reflecting the elegant and noble temperament of the British style design. More heights and colors to suit your needs.

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