7CM New Black Elevator Dress Formal Increased Leather Shoes

In addition to wearing good wear and tear, choose the brand of special shoes, and appreciate the details of the parts, such as the combination of metal and leather, the sewing and workmanship of the Elevator Dress Shoes, line decoration and functional comfort, as for the toe Different changes in the ellipse, the square, etc., all depends on the degree of personal acceptance, and should not be blindly drawn by the fashion trend.

Choose 7CM New Black Height Increase In Formal Increased Leather Shoes for comfort. Generally speaking, when the width of the foot is strong, it can be fully deployed when the force is applied to the foot; the length of the foot is not clipped to the top of the foot, and the foot does not slide in the shoe when walking. In addition, the time to buy leather Elevator Dress Shoes is also very particular. In the afternoon, the person is slightly swollen due to the foot. At this time, the shoes purchased are suitable in size; if the shoes are tested in the morning, the amount of spare space should be left, so that the clothes are not worn for a long time.

Elevator Dress Formal

In addition to picking your favorite style, you should also pay attention to whether the needle stitching is even and whether the two Elevator Dress Formal are completely symmetrical. Then point the tip of the shoe toward you and lay it flat on the counter to see if the point of contact between the forefoot and the counter is at the center of the forefoot. If there is a deviation, it is easy to cause side deflection when worn on the foot, resulting in deformation of the shoe.

There are two kinds of leather uppers: smooth leather and reverse leather. Good quality smooth leather Elevator Dress Formal shoes, uniform grain thickness, smooth and smooth, no wrinkles and scars; brightness, color uniformity, bright color, bright, no light and dark and different shades. Press the leather surface with your fingers, and the wrinkles are even and small. When the fingers are released, the fine lines disappear. The hand mold feels soft and lubricated, rich in elasticity, not stiff, and the thickness of the leather is even and moderate. Good quality reverse leather shoes, the surface fluff is soft and uniform, the color is the same, no thick long fibers and oil spots stains, no obvious wrinkles and scars, the touch feeling is the same as smooth shoes. Generally, animal leather shoes will not appear peeling after being worn for 2 to 3 years.

Elevator Dress Formal

The leather sole has two major categories of leather and gel. Good quality leather sole, bright and smooth surface, uniform color, no oil spots, stains and scars, uniform thickness; with fingers, the sound is crisp, the hand feels very solid.

The synthetic leather has poor air permeability in leather Elevator Shoes. Generally, natural leather shoes have better air permeability, especially pig leather, because the pores of pig skin are several times thicker than those of cowhide, and the pores are much larger, and sweat is easy to discharge.

Elevator Dress Formal

The basic principle of choosing socks is to wear socks that match the color of the Elevator Shoes. Black and white is a bad example but it is a common example in our lives. A pair of black shoes should match the colors of dark blue, black, gray, etc. In traditional suits, the concept of silk socks will be a gentleman’s choice, but in the autumn and winter weather, you may choose to wear cotton to absorb sweat. As for the color of the socks, try to use simple plain color or stripes. If your shoes are in coffee color, then different shades of socks or gray socks are good choices for clothing. The color of the pants can be considered as a whole with the socks and shoes, so that they will not be lost.

Socks: Longer is better than short. Dark socks can be worn in dark or light suits; light socks can be worn in light suits, but dark suits are not suitable. White socks are hard to wear, and you should think twice when you wear them.