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Walking is a sport, and now it has become more of a leisure. Going to the same place, the wild, the gentle mountains and the jungle, but has gradually changed from weight-bearing walking to outings and camping activities, wearing outdoor sports shoes has become a casual shoes Lightweight One-piece Knitted Surface Elevator Sneakers 7CM. In recent years, the increase in hiking shoes has become hot. Its rise is related to a feeling.

Walking, in fact, often makes people think of wandering. In poetry, wandering is very romantic. Most people have ever dreamed of wandering in geometry. “For the birds flying in the sky, for the clear stream in the mountains, for the broad grasslands, wandering far away, there is still, for the olive trees in the dream…” This is what Taiwanese writer San Mao said, with Qi Yu Scorpio-like singing is enduring. Regarding the wandering, the singing is very poetic. In the era when the hukou is tied to urban and rural areas, it may still be a beautiful dream.

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Where is the house? What is the home? In memory, the family is a brick house where breastfeeding lives with my father, mother, and sister. It is a place where the language is learned, toddlers, and the body will be warm and laughter. Our life begins from there, and it is deeply buried in our life. At the bottom of my heart, we only agree with it. In addition, all the places we have passed are just the way we are wandering.

We are so wandering day after day, so over, finally, when we see “old tree, dead vine, faint crow”, we also sighed “the broken heart is in the horizon”, and when we are young The romantic dream of wandering is left behind.

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This is really sad, and we are full of regrets for this. But we have experienced the sadness and pain of wandering, but still aspire to the life ahead, still have to work hard to the horizon at the end of the long road. Even if we are only wandering, we still hope to have “a glimpse of a rambler” (Rousseau), and, “At least have a dream, there is a reason to be strong” (San Mao language), so we increase the walking leisure The Elevator Sneakers are worn under the feet.

Yes, the increase in hiking Elevator Shoes and leisure in the wandering, we learned to put the heart in a place where we can live, let it no longer wander, let it always remember in a sweet dream: there is still a far away Your own home, a wonderful place. In the end, the memory of the family has become a part of our lives, and the memory has made us delicate and gentle.

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Yes, the increase in hiking Elevator Shoes, strong in the wandering, is the place where we always think of us, our home, the origin of our lives and the source of strength, let us become brave after the ups and downs. And with more responsibility, let us be able to invigorate our spirits even if we encounter cold eyes and frustrations. We are determined to pursue, go beyond, improve ourselves and realize our dreams. Our generations of people can wander forever. This is nothing, as long as we always have memories of our home.